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Dena Schwartz is a member or the International Council of Holistic Therapists and the International Society of Animal Aromatic Practitioners.  She is a qualified Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Reiki Healer, Animal Aromatics Professional and International Wellness Consultant.

Dena is a dedicated, integrated health care practitioner who believes in a truly holistic approach.  Dena works closely alongside the medical and veterinary profession, ensuring her patients receive the best possible care to achieve total health and well-being.

With a passion for empowering the individual, Dena writes regularly for regional and national magazines. Dena also travels throughout the UK and Europe, giving lecture demos and teaching. She is a truly inspiring educator, her knowledge, understanding and genuine passion for natural health solutions has helped people and animals around the world enjoy improved quality of life.


I have been working with animals for OVER 20 years. During this time my obsession for a more natural approach to animal care has been paramount. I began by rescuing and rehabilitating horses and soon found myself with a reputation for recovering the sick and injured.

Wherever I worked animals of different shapes and sizes would appear, abandoned from all corners with physical and emotional pain. So I guess you could say my path has always been clearly mapped out for me.

It was the very sad loss of my horse that sealed my incredible journey into the power of holistic medicine. Tzar was a charismatic bright bay warmblood. I was privileged to enjoy him from birth to the age of 9. A strange twist of fate brought him every possible stroke of bad luck and after a string of serious illnesses and injuries,  I sadly lost him to a brain tumour. He was the kindest, most generous character I've ever had the pleasure of spending time with.

After losing Tzar, I became determined to find another way. I gave up my yard and studied holistic medicine full time. I continued to teach equitation to fund my studies.  I admire and thank my students and there horses for their determination in reaching a better level of understanding and belief in me as an instructor that  they would reach that place. I wish you all continued success.

After qualifying as a holistic therapist and Reiki healer, I went on to specialise in the treatment of animals. I have been fortunate to study Animal Aromatics with Caroline Ingraham, the pioneer of this fascinating subject. She is an incredible lady with an enormous wealth of knowledge.

So here I am today helping people and animals throughout the UK and Europe to lead a more natural way of life, combining Eastern philosophy with western science to enable the body to function optimally, maintaining health, vitality and longevity.

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