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Mabel - 7yr Female Jack Russell

Mabel’s owner contacted me after a recommendation from his vet. Mabel has a grass and dust allergy causing severe inflammation and irritation of the skin. Over the past three summers, Mabel had received weekly steroid and anti-histamine injections, which had limited success.

Using Kinesiology muscle testing, I prepared a soothing skin gel to be applied topically. In addition to this, Mabel self-selected Rosehip, Calendula, and Seaweed extract which she licks on a daily basis.

Mabel and her owner, are delighted with the results. Her skin is now clear of irritation, and she is able to enjoy the summer without frustration.


Lucy - 11 yr Bay Mare

Lucy's owner requested my help in the prevention of laminitis as her pony had previously suffered several attacks.

During the consultation, Lucy selected a combination of detoxifying and anti-inflammatory herbs including Dandelion, Cleavers and Chamomile Flower. She also selected Spearmint, Rose and German Chamomile essential oils blended in Passion Flower macerate.

I also prepared a cooling analgesic hoof gel that could be applied twice daily.

With these natural remedies at her disposal, Lucy's owner is able to stay one step ahead of Laminitis.


Fi - 6yr Female Tabby

Fi suffered a severe bout of Cat Flu as a kitten; unfortunately she had not had the luxury of vaccinations. This had left her with a depleted immune system causing coughing, sneezing, eye infections and general lethargy.

Using a selection of floral waters, as these are these are more suited to felines, and offering herbal infusions such as Coltsfoot, Seaweed and Chamomile, I was able to give Fi an opportunity to relieve her symptoms.

To further boost the immune system, and purify the air, I created a blend using antiseptic and anti viral essential oils to be diffused in the room.

Whilst her symptoms did not completely disappear, they significantly reduced thus improving Fi's quality of life.

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