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Dena has helped here at REMUS for many years, her expertise and knowledge is phenomenal as is her compassion for, and understanding of, the animal's needs. Dena works regularly with our horses, ponies, donkeys, goats and sheep sharing the benefits of plant medicine with them and giving them back the opportunity to self medicate. Each animal responds so well and gets so much from all that she does for them. We have seen so many changes and improvements in both their physical and emotional well-being.

One of our biggest surprises has been the excitement from the sheep and goats, they absolutely love the herbs and relish the chance to select their own medicine, not to mention the fun, attention and the time spent on them as individuals. The results have been so powerful that we now passionately incorporate holistic therapies and a very holistic approach with all our work here at Remus. Thank you Dena for all that you share and all that you give.

Sue Burton


I was distraught when Inca my 9-year-old German Shepherd bitch suffered an incidence of Bloat; a life threatening condition. Her recovery was painfully slow and it became clear that there was a serious underlying problem. Despite many tests my vets could not find a diagnosis and my beautiful girl was very seriously ill.

Having seen Dena work before I decided to ask her, for her help. Kinesiology tests showed that Inca was suffering from extreme weakness in her stomach area and her immune system was failing. Dena posted a collection of natural remedies immediately and supported me by phone as I began to work with the remedies.

I was amazed at how clearly Inca knew what was needed. Day by day she selected her remedies and day-by-day she improved.  Following her illness a reoccurring ear infection reared it’s ugly head, and angry hot spots appeared on her skin.  Inca immediately and intuitively increased her dosage of Calendula, Rose Hip and Barley Grass. The infections cleared within just a few days, I was so thrilled not to have to use harsh pharmaceuticals with her body in such a delicate state.

Thankfully we have had no repeat of the bloat. A second kinesiology test showed significant improvement in her condition, Inca is once again the happy, glossy girl I love and know. Her physical health continues to improve and strengthen everyday. I must just thank you Dena for the totally unexpected yet extremely welcome side effect of using plant medicine.  During this time of physical healing Inca has lost her life long fear of thunder, it has completely disappeared! How wonderful to see my girl sleep peacefully instead of shake as the thunder rumbles.

Thank you to both Dena and the Holistic Approach.   I am so truly grateful.

Chris and Inca.


I was recommended to Dena through a colleague, as I desperately needed help to clip Wild Storm, one of my Dressage horses. In previous years sedation has been our only option, as 'Bouncer' requires clipping regularly throughout the winter competition season, I needed another plan.

Dena assessed Bouncer during the initial consultation and agreed that he was indeed genuinely scared. Over a course of four visits, Dena used a combination of training techniques, touch work and plant medicine to bring about the most amazing change. By the end of the fourth visit I had a calm and hairless horse, to this day our clipping has continued to be a pleasurable experience.

I regularly use Dena's services in the run up to big competitions, the horses respond so well to the use of massage, touch work, magnetic therapy and aromatics. They arrive at events calm yet energized, relaxed yet more than ready! The horses inspired me to care for my own health more holistically and as a team we have gone from strength to strength.

Keith Robertson


I met Dena a number of years ago; she always had such love and compassion for all the animals she came into contact with.  When I found out that Dena was involved in natural therapies to help our pets heal themselves I jumped at the chance to meet up again to see if she could help my in foal, laminitic mare. 

The results were great; I was thrilled to see my mare intuitively self selecting herbs and oils to ease her discomfort, whilst I could feel confident that the gentleness of the remedies would not harm her unborn foal.

I then turned my attention to my stressed dog, the oils have really helped her, she is certainly much calmer around the house and out on walks since taking her remedies.  My other horse had also had some anxiety issues, not wanting to settle to graze in the field and often showed quite ‘mareish’ behaviour. She now regularly self medicates from a selection of medicinal herbs and the problems are dramatically improved. 

There is of course another bonus to all of this is.  I get to do something wonderful for my animals in return for all the lovely companionship they give me, it is great bonding time going through their remedies giving them the time to select what they want and how they would like to take it.  It gives me great joy and satisfaction that in this busy and challenging life our pets can still have some of the things nature intended.

Dena, I thank you and I am so glad to have caught up with you again.

Glendee Kennels and Cattery


I moved house in 2005 and found a stray, bald and emaciated cat in my back garden. With the help of a humane trap, I managed to get her to safety despite her immense fear. I named her Guinness and within a few weeks, won her trust. We visited our local vet who was unsure if she had been burnt, had an allergy of was just so depleted, her hair had fallen out. She did some skin tests which were inconclusive and gave me a high dose of steroids to be used indefinitely. I immediately phoned Dena, someone I had known for a long time but had never used with my animals due to my job as a Veterinary Nurse and my belief that pharmaceuticals were the way to go!

Dena came out to see Guinness. She advised that I treat her holistically and suggested some simple changes to ensure that Guinness received a complete and balanced diet. We also discussed a good flea control regime and we offered her emotional support as she was obviously traumatised. Guinness is now a happy and healthy cat with a thick, complete and glossy coat.

I can only summarise by saying that Guinness has been saved a life long treatment from steroids, something that would have almost certainly shortened her life span and given her possibly fatal secondary problems. I would also like to admit in writing that I was wrong! Holistic Medicine does indeed have a immensely important place alongside Veterinary medicine. I now recommended Dena to all my clients at work and promote her whenever I can. Sometimes, seeing is believing!

Miss S Steel (Veterinary Nurse)




I have known Dena for many years after first meeting her at a livery yard where we both kept our horses. I asked Dena to treat my horses both with herbs and oils and massage too. I was quite a sceptic to begin with but watching how the horses reacted I started to realise there really was something in it. My mares, stallions and young stock have all benefited from Dena’s holistic approach.

After a while I started getting treatments for myself and now see Dena once a week for my own health maintenance. I would recommend Dena’s treatments to everyone be it for their animals or for themselves, you will be amazed at the positive results using such gentle natural therapies.
Lorraine Stanley


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